Balancing Life

If something feels un-achievable, is really truly achievable with a shift in our perspective? We are busy with health advice – your quick solution, the swift trail, the finest weight loss diet pill – metabolism booster as well as the hot issue lines keep on rolling. But how real are they and for those moms that work full or part-time, […]

Do You Need a Wellness Coach?

Coaching continues to be one of the fastest growing industries. Recently an associate of mine quipped “yeah the economy takes a downward turn and suddenly everyone is a coach of this, that or another.” At first I was taken aback but then after some thought I realized that from one perspective that statement has some truth behind it and over […]

3 Practical Tips to Positivity

3 Practical Tips to Positivity Having a positive outlook may well occur effortlessly to several people however for other people life challenges, experiences and cultural authority may make having a optimistic outlook more complicated. We can potentially liken positivity to art. Positivity an art? In a sense yes, positivity is an art. Just as with sketching, painting or drawing, positivity […]

Depression: What’s Your Role

It can be distressing to see somebody you care for or care about deteriorate under depression.  Often depressed individuals are inclined to withdraw from their own cherished ones, as a result making it even more complicated for their associates and family to connect with out to them. If you see somebody who is depressed and feel like to do anything […]

Divorced Parents – Friends?

I would dare to guess there isn’t a child, of any age, that holds the dream of their parents remaining together their entire life. I consider myself very fortunate to have witnessed a parental marriage now lasting close to 45 years and proud to say it doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. I also am aware of my […]

Concentration & Meditation

I am a firm believer that meditation can happen just about anywhere we find ourselves. The important element is being able to concentrate long enough to receive the not only the inspirational benefits of meditation but the overall health and wellness benefits. If you are like most people, concentrating is the piece that keeps you from feeling like you are […]

EFT and Law of attraction

We have discussed previously how our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks prevent the law of attraction from working. Getting these beliefs and blocks out of our system, however, is something that most of us get stuck with. If you are in a similar situation as well, you may find EFT useful. EFT or emotional freedom technique is a simple yet […]

Lunar Phases and Beauty

We are inundated with images of beauty and seduction in all media outlets. In business we are told ‘sex sells’ –  if you can bring a sense of sensuality to your marketing of products and services you increase your chances of improving sales. On a personal and being the type of curious person I am, I’ve also delved into learning […]

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