Earth Day & Your Business

This past Wednesday, all over North America there were millions of people celebrating Earth Day and I’ve often reflected in the past what this day really means to people personally. This year though, I’m curious as to what it means to you and your business. Especially since so many of small business are being directly impacted whether they’ve found an […]

Business Risk Re-defined

As a small business owner an important factor in managing the affairs of your company is not only the complexities of the external environment and its potential impacts – favorable or harmful – on the profitability of your firm but also endogenous factors to the entity. Your company must constantly assess of all the elements which are part of your […]

Vertical or Flat?

What as an entrepreneur was your original organizational decision you made? Most, myself included made a decision revolving around accounting or something to do with internal procedures or else maybe it was something to do with the product or service you would be selling. If you are like the majority of small companies one of the far-off decisions you seldom […]

Business Coaching

As a small business coaches, we work with different types of clients. There are those working for somebody else but possess the desire to establish their own business, to those that have been in business for a few years however are seeking to shift their business to the next level. A growing pattern in both small and large corporations is […]

What is Your Crown Jewel for Success?

In the world of business there are limitations or restrictions which you need to be aware of when wanting to achieve goals and ultimately succeed. There are some things that just, well fall into place without compromise. Curious what restrictions need to be in place for you to succeed? Great! What about not compromising? Wondering what is not up for […]

Time Management & Your Wellness

Time and life are constantly racing against each other. And unless we learn to fix the race by “managing” time, we’d better get used to life, or better yet your wellness, losing! Time management is a simple skill, yet most fail to master it despite repeated attempts. The following may make managing time easier for you while improving your overall […]

A Stone Foundation Supports Your Success

As we look around at others in our lives we often wonder what it took for certain individuals to succeed. How they made it so far, so quickly or what motivated them to keep going even when times were difficult. There are many qualities that make a great leader or support you in becoming one; there are unlimited opportunities for […]

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