Law of Attraction and Attracting “the” Right Clients

Law of Attraction and Attracting “the” Right Clients

All of us involved in either running our own businesses or work in a field that requires any type of selling, know the importance attracting or bringing forward not just clients but the right client. The right client is those individuals that need / want your product or service and are ready to invest. The law of attraction has several practical applications. Once you are well versed with its theoretical aspects, it isn’t difficult to apply it to various real life situations. In this instance of attracting the right clients you want so that you can derive greater satisfaction from your work and generate more profits the underlying key to successfully using the law of attraction is you being clear in what does your client look, feel and motivates them to step into action of investing with you, today.

The law of attraction being based on the energetic properties of like attracts like; this simple principle requires us then to focus on stepping into the shoes of our right client which is ultimately what we intend. Note, ‘intend is the keyword here. However, most of us are conditioned to talk about what we desire in terms of what we don’t. Look at some of the common words that we use for things we desire- ‘weight- loss’ for attaining fitness, ‘cutting costs’ for more profitability, ‘reducing stress’ for attaining peace of mind. Focusing on things we don’t want is in fact one of the reasons why it takes us so long to get things we actually want!

The same rule applies to attracting the right clients too. You need to focus on the elements that make up the kind of clients you would like to work with instead of thinking about the kind of client behavior you do not like.

Of course this is easier said than done. However, with the right approach you will find it is not very hard to shift your focus to what you desire. The following step-by-step exercise is an example of the kind of approach you can adopt to attract the things you intend- in this case the right clients-

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and divide it into two columns
  2. On the left hand side list the kind of clients you don’t want (yes, part of the ‘getting to know your right client’ is understanding the wrong kind of client)
  3.  Now in the right column, rewrite the list from the left column into form of a positive – so the opposite. When this step is complete you will notice you’ve just completed making a list of everything you intend from your customers and have describe the ‘right’ client for you.
  4. Now tear out the part containing the “what I don’t want list’ or the left column and stick the list of what your perfect client or the right column at place where you can see it everyday.
  5. Visualize the things you have mentioned in your ‘want’ list, read out the list to yourself as often as you can.
  6. In a few days you will find that every time you think of your business, your thoughts will automatically go to the kind of clients you want.

As your focus shifts, the law of attraction will start working for you. You may find a few of your old clients fading away, but the good thing is the new ones you will attract will more than make up for the old ones (who were not the kind of people you wanted to do business with anyway).

Here’s an example:

Unsupportive Client Elements Supportive Client Elements
~ unmotivated to change ~ motivated to change
~ too young, too old ~ between the ages of 34 and 55
~ unable to pay ~ disposable income to easily invest
~ continue your list … ~ to outline at least 10 elements …


The law of attraction works for everyone, the only criteria is you need to believe both in the science behind the law of attraction and you need to truly believe in yourself! Believe you deserve to work with these new quality clients and when you do they will show. While moving through the transition of attracting the right client from the old client base, be open to tweaking your list by revisiting this exercise on a quarterly basis. You will be grateful you did as will your bank account and your clients.

Author : Karen Kleinwort

Karen Kleinwort’s expertise is based on over 25 years experience supporting individuals and professionals in achieving their life’s goals and dreams. Karen holds a BsBM, a Certification in Professional Coach and Anger Management Facilitation allowing her to effectively support her clients through their personal and professional lives.

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