4 Ways to Succeed

Everyone is in a reactive position at this point and time in business and are struggling of finding ways to become successful or maintain their success. As some states are beginning to reopen, others are maintaining their #StayHome orders and then there are other states that are somewhere in between with partial reopening. How is this affecting your small business […]

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

To grow in life you need to embrace and accept change constantly. The problem is that most of us agree with this statement in principle but when it comes to following it, we find it difficult to get out of our comfort zone and break our established routine. A practical example will perhaps explain my point better. Let’s say, you […]

Measuring Motivation

When it comes to finding motivation to achieve our goals there are some of us who just naturally have it and then there are others who struggle to locate and embrace it. As a person who is always highly motivated, I do find there are certain days where I wonder where my motivation has disappeared to. It is on these […]

Employee Motivation – a Secret Society?

Motivation is a key ingredient to success. This is not a news flash by any means and every manager and good leader embraces some degree of motivational program for their employees – whether they do this consciously or subconsciously they all do it. Motivation is not some secret society either, but the secret to motivation is the ‘what’ behind it. […]

Entrepreneurs ~ Motivated Procrastinators?

It may sound like an oxymoron but entrepreneurs can be the best at two things – procrastination and motivation! Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs for the simple reasons they are passionate about what they are doing, get a thrill or high from stepping out into the unknown, have a higher level of tolerance for risk, and they love to start projects. As […]

Self-Confidence & You!

You know your confident. Go on and admit it. When you think of yourself and your confidence, you are being honest when you say “Oh yeah, I’m confident.” Oh, just a second, you didn’t did you? Just tell a little fib? You’re really not as confident as tell others? Oh, well, that’s OK since we all do it – stretch […]

Fitness & New Moms

Fitness tips never work on mothers who act as a roller coaster behind their kids all day. It doesn’t mean that the fitness tips are wrong, but the problem exists in the mothers who scheduled their life totally wrong and hectic. They don’t want to change their routine, even if the changes are highly beneficial for them. They tend to […]

Giving Does a Heart Good

You’ve heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but what about when you make donations to non-profit organizations? How does this affect you physically, especially when you’re tightening your purse strings? How do you decide between giving back and saving for your future? Helping others initiates a physiological response within your body that increases the “happy” […]

Concentration & Meditation

I am a firm believer that meditation can happen just about anywhere we find ourselves. The important element is being able to concentrate long enough to receive the not only the inspirational benefits of meditation but the overall health and wellness benefits. If you are like most people, concentrating is the piece that keeps you from feeling like you are […]

Napoleon Hill

All of us yearn for success, we all want to be rich and fulfill our ambitions, but very few of us know what road map to follow in order to reach that coveted destination. Napoleon Hill not only discovered this road map, but also shared it through his books and seminars. Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883-Nov 8, 1970) was perhaps […]

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