Mentoring Programs: Supportive of Success

When we set out to start our own business we tend to look back at our previous experience and how the environment was either supportive or non-supportive of the employee’s success; to see what worked and what didn’t work. One of the elements of a successful business is the openness to share our wisdom and passion of doing what we […]

Human Resources – Employee Engagement

Employees are the key differentiating factor in any organization. After all they are often the ones who are instrumental in giving an organization an edge over its competitors. It is therefore essential for HR departments to ensure employees stay fully committed and motivated while performing their responsibilities, in other words they must use effective ‘Employee Engagement’ strategies. Employee Engagement is […]

Compassionate Competition

To a lot of people the word competition is ugly and holds a negative connotation. When we think of the word competition, we often think of professional sports, athletes, “Survivor” the reality show, ‘others’ on the dating scene or the younger generation entering the workforce who may just beat us out for the next big promotion. But in reality competition […]

Leadership and Marketing

As a leader, main man, top dog or any other pet name you can think of for yourself when referring to your role decision maker there will be times that you will be faced with when to refocus, redefine or repurpose the financial resources of your organization depending upon the challenges you may be facing.  Change is all around you […]

Social Responsibility

Over the last several years that I have working with business owners, entrepreneurs and those seeking to begin their own business there seem to have been an underlying theme revolving around leadership. I recently wrote an article The Meaning and Essence of Business Leadership and thought it would be beneficial in continuing this topic with the focus on Social Responsibility. […]

Essence of Leadership in Business

Change is the only unchanging features in this changing world. Everything surrounding us, changes with the passage of time to be in line with the modernization. Ongoing business environment is of no exception from this trend. Modern business is on a triumphant march through tracking changes by hard work of the most efficient business leaders. Effective leaders adopt strategies and […]

Qualities of a Business Leader

In the 1980s when Harley-Davidson was about to be knocked out by their competitors from other firms, Rich Teerlink, the company’s leader, saved the firm with the help of his one unique idea. That mantra of Teerlink was nothing but a dramatic change in the management of the company. He built a dissimilar company, one operated from the bottom up […]

Difficult People at Work?

Whether we like it or not, all of those working in an office setting have to deal with office politics and difficult people at work. After all we can’t always choose who we work with, so we just need to find out a way to co-exist with people we don’t like or can’t get along with. The vital question is […]

Napoleon Hill

All of us yearn for success, we all want to be rich and fulfill our ambitions, but very few of us know what road map to follow in order to reach that coveted destination. Napoleon Hill not only discovered this road map, but also shared it through his books and seminars. Napoleon Hill (October 26, 1883-Nov 8, 1970) was perhaps […]

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