Earth Day & Your Business

This past Wednesday, all over North America there were millions of people celebrating Earth Day and I’ve often reflected in the past what this day really means to people personally. This year though, I’m curious as to what it means to you and your business. Especially since so many of small business are being directly impacted whether they’ve found an […]

New Business Idea? Protect It!

This is a crazy time for everyone. It doesn’t mean that your entrepreneurial mind has closed. During the quietest of times is when ideas start to come to us. So, you’ve got the next big business solution – congratulations! How do you know someone, even with the best of intention, doesn’t share it with another who decides to take it […]

Skills of a Successful Entrepreneur

So you want to go into business for yourself do you? Well there are a few skills that every successful entrepreneur needs to either have themselves or the resources (both monetary and human) available to them. We are not all born to entrepreneurs and even if we grow up in an entrepreneurial family setting – we still need to have […]

Managing Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a huge concern in certain industries and is one of the main reasons for causing sleepless nights for managers. Turnover is simply the superficial problem and the crux of the problem is much deeper. What really needs to be studied and analyzed is the reason behind the high turnover rate of an organization. There can be various […]

Your Business’s Debt

Debt is a common word these days for not just individuals and corporations but for small businesses. There were generations of the past that embraced the cash only philosophy that if you didn’t have the cash in your wallet you didn’t buy or engage in a business strategy. Over the last few decades or so there has been a rise […]

Whys & How’s of Corporate Coaching

As a small business coach I work with different types of clients. There are those that are working for someone else but hold the desire to start their own business to those that have been in business for a few years but are seeking to move their business to the next. An increasing trend in both small and large businesses […]

Understanding Intrapreneurship

Not everybody is fortunate enough to give wings to their entrepreneurial pursuits due to lack of capital and other resources. The concept of “Intrapreneurship” comes to the rescue of such individuals. Intrapreneurship is basically practicing entrepreneurship within the confines of an organisation. Intrapreneurship works well for various reasons, the foremost being that unlike entrepreneurial ventures there is no substantial risk […]

Human Resource Management

Every organization has a human resource department of its own. Regardless of the number of employees or members of an organization, the organization survives — and thrives — because of the capabilities and performance of its people. As a small business owner you may not have an official HR Department but as the owner of the company you are ultimately […]

Your Money Personality

Does prosperity have anything to do with your ‘money personality?’ Apparently, yes! Your money personality defines your attitude towards money and that essentially determines your financial behavior – making decisions regarding putting funds into savings for another a day, into retirement, spending on necessities versus desired purchases. Knowing your money personality as a small business owner can help you identify […]

Social Entrepreneurship

Our life is made up of several different elements but we spend the majority of our time focused on work, career and those pieces that provide an income for our family. And for some of us, we actually spend more time with our business associates and co-workers than with our immediate family members. We work crazy hours, long days and […]

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