New Business Idea? Protect It!

This is a crazy time for everyone. It doesn’t mean that your entrepreneurial mind has closed. During the quietest of times is when ideas start to come to us. So, you’ve got the next big business solution – congratulations! How do you know someone, even with the best of intention, doesn’t share it with another who decides to take it […]

The Science of Intuition

Instinct, gut feeling, intuition, all of us have had moments when a hunch has been proved correct, only to wonder later, whether it really was intuitive brilliance on our part or just a lucky co-incidence. After all, intuition is a just “acquisition of knowledge without using rational reasoning and logic”, right? Perhaps not! If certain  research studies are to be […]

Vertical or Flat?

What as an entrepreneur was your original organizational decision you made? Most, myself included made a decision revolving around accounting or something to do with internal procedures or else maybe it was something to do with the product or service you would be selling. If you are like the majority of small companies one of the far-off decisions you seldom […]

Social Entrepreneurship

Our life is made up of several different elements but we spend the majority of our time focused on work, career and those pieces that provide an income for our family. And for some of us, we actually spend more time with our business associates and co-workers than with our immediate family members. We work crazy hours, long days and […]

Business Coaching

As a small business coaches, we work with different types of clients. There are those working for somebody else but possess the desire to establish their own business, to those that have been in business for a few years however are seeking to shift their business to the next level. A growing pattern in both small and large corporations is […]

3 Practical Tips to Positivity

3 Practical Tips to Positivity Having a positive outlook may well occur effortlessly to several people however for other people life challenges, experiences and cultural authority may make having a optimistic outlook more complicated. We can potentially liken positivity to art. Positivity an art? In a sense yes, positivity is an art. Just as with sketching, painting or drawing, positivity […]

Entrepreneurs ~ Motivated Procrastinators?

It may sound like an oxymoron but entrepreneurs can be the best at two things – procrastination and motivation! Entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs for the simple reasons they are passionate about what they are doing, get a thrill or high from stepping out into the unknown, have a higher level of tolerance for risk, and they love to start projects. As […]

Depression: What’s Your Role

It can be distressing to see somebody you care for or care about deteriorate under depression.  Often depressed individuals are inclined to withdraw from their own cherished ones, as a result making it even more complicated for their associates and family to connect with out to them. If you see somebody who is depressed and feel like to do anything […]

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