Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

To grow in life you need to embrace and accept change constantly. The problem is that most of us agree with this statement in principle but when it comes to following it, we find it difficult to get out of our comfort zone and break our established routine. A practical example will perhaps explain my point better. Let’s say, you […]

Importance of HR Accounting

There is no undermining the value of Human Resource in any organization. To quote Narayan Murthy founder of the ‘IT Giant’ Infosys, “My assets are not the buildings, the business or foreign contact. My assets walk out of the gate every evening and I wait for them to come back to me the next morning.” Human Resource is the greatest […]

Undercharging? Death of a Business

In the competitive world of business, selling your services cheap may seem tempting. After all, a lower price tag on your services may help you attract more clients than your competitors, right? But when you are in a field like consultancy or coaching you need to ask yourself, is undercharging for your services worth it in the long run? What […]

Your Business’s Debt

Debt is a common word these days for not just individuals and corporations but for small businesses. There were generations of the past that embraced the cash only philosophy that if you didn’t have the cash in your wallet you didn’t buy or engage in a business strategy. Over the last few decades or so there has been a rise […]

Whys & How’s of Corporate Coaching

As a small business coach I work with different types of clients. There are those that are working for someone else but hold the desire to start their own business to those that have been in business for a few years but are seeking to move their business to the next. An increasing trend in both small and large businesses […]

The Science of Intuition

Instinct, gut feeling, intuition, all of us have had moments when a hunch has been proved correct, only to wonder later, whether it really was intuitive brilliance on our part or just a lucky co-incidence. After all, intuition is a just “acquisition of knowledge without using rational reasoning and logic”, right? Perhaps not! If certain  research studies are to be […]

Business and Your Education

There isn’t a child in the world that hasn’t been asked the question “So what do you want to be when you grow up?” and depending upon their personal situation, external influences and experiences their answer will change by the day. As we enter high school we become clearer about what drives us, fuels our spirit and motivates us to […]

Understanding Intrapreneurship

Not everybody is fortunate enough to give wings to their entrepreneurial pursuits due to lack of capital and other resources. The concept of “Intrapreneurship” comes to the rescue of such individuals. Intrapreneurship is basically practicing entrepreneurship within the confines of an organisation. Intrapreneurship works well for various reasons, the foremost being that unlike entrepreneurial ventures there is no substantial risk […]

Business Psychologists

Choosing the right career path is becoming a bigger than life challenge – not only for those in the midst of completing their education but for those who are seeking a greater challenge in life or having the desire to switch careers. Nevertheless there are jobs that are still quite in demand, and there are many articles and blogs dedicated […]

Human Resource Management

Every organization has a human resource department of its own. Regardless of the number of employees or members of an organization, the organization survives — and thrives — because of the capabilities and performance of its people. As a small business owner you may not have an official HR Department but as the owner of the company you are ultimately […]

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