Inspiring Success - 4 Way to Succeed

4 Ways to Succeed

Everyone is in a reactive position at this point and time in business and are struggling of finding ways to become successful or maintain their success. As some states are beginning to reopen, others are maintaining their #StayHome orders and then there are other states that are somewhere in between with partial reopening. How is this affecting your small business success? Have you been following along with some of the recommendations I’ve been putting in my Facebook live events and taking this time to review all of your organization’s policies and procedures? Reviewing your client profiles? What about your 1 – 5-year business plan? Marketing plan? These last 6 weeks have truly been a gift for one of the main ways to support your business and yourself to succeed – the gift of time. The time to do all the internal business or administrative elements of your business that you never seemed to have the time to do before. If you’re ready, here are four ways to support your success.

One preliminary thought first - Finding excuses is the number one killer of small businesses. Looking for reasons is where success begins. What will you be choosing this week? Find excuses for not being in action? Or a reason to step up and into action?

Let us delve into those four ways of supporting your success for those of you who are looking towards having a more successful business life and are envisioning yourselves climbing the ladder of success. The first element of success has to do with having a vision on how you will move – meaning setting goals (remember S.M.A.R.T. goals are the best goals!) and milestones for achievements. Without setting goals, you are setting yourself up for not reaching the end your desire. Communicating your own expectations supports you achieving your success. Without it, then you have no idea where you are going and when you’ve arrived. As you set goals, make sure you build in milestones along the way. These milestones keep you moving in the right directions and when you meet these milestones, your level of motivation compels you to continue. Remember to tap into what is your internal motivation trigger!

Small successes, your milestones are the fuel to maintain your discipline to continue along the path or plan you have established for yourself and your business. There – that is another way to be successful – discipline! You need to have discipline to find success. Defining self-discipline is knowing your ability to focus, stay on task and setting those S.M.A.R.T. goals. What helps you stay focused? Know your learning style, know your motivation triggers, know yourself and you like to work. Understanding these will empower you to be more disciplined and ultimately successful.

Success in business is also dependent with how you earn the respect others and that, begins with self-respect. How you show respect for yourself models to others how to treat and interact with you.  Self-respect is having a set of solid boundaries in place – go back and revisit April’s Facebook live events about healthy boundaries. Having a clear set of boundaries empowers other to interact and communicate in a respectful manner.  Without knowing where you begin and end relative to others, you may end of spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of time and energy working towards your goals which will undermine your success.

Talking about motivation, it brings us to our fourth way to support your success and that is being able to answer the question: “what incentives you?” In a corporate work environment, companies will have incentives established for their employees, so they are rewarded for meeting certain goals and achievements. Have you thought about implementing incentives for yourself as a small business owner? Incentives can be a wide range of items; we are all not motivated by money rewards. Extra time off? That new laptop you’ve been wanting. New car? New clothes? Yes, all of these in the end have a financial cost but if you are achieving your goals then your financial bottom line will be stronger, and these costs can be written into your monthly/annual budgets. Your reward circles us back to what is your motivation trigger, and ultimately ties into your self-discipline. Can you stay focused and disciplined long enough to achieve your milestones and ultimately your goals?

S.M.A.R.T. goals, self-discipline, self-respect, and incentives are four aspects leading the path to your success. The underlying theme is knowing yourself first. Knowing how you work. Knowing how you learn and work. All this knowledge when applied correctly will support your success in both life and business. What are you doing today – coming up with an excuse why you failed or taking a step into action to support your success?

Author : Karen Kleinwort

Karen Kleinwort’s expertise is based on over 25 years experience supporting individuals and professionals in achieving their life’s goals and dreams. Karen holds a BsBM, a Certification in Professional Coach and Anger Management Facilitation allowing her to effectively support her clients through their personal and professional lives.

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