Plant Growth and Moon Phases

Even though as I am  writing this we are nearing the end of the year, it is time that most gardeners begin to think about the upcoming year and what seeds they would like to plant in early spring. There are many cultures in different parts of the world which share common beliefs about the effect of moon phases on […]

The Secret Weapons of a Good Business Leader

“The very core of leadership is that you need to have vision. You can’t blow a hesitant trumpet.” This is what the famous scholar Theodore M. Hesburgh said about leadership. Leadership is a very desirable attribute of every successful person no matter what type of business they are in. And if you talk about business then leadership is a must […]

Achieving Goals in 5 Steps

A goal is a target you aim your focus on and put your time and effort into the process of achieving. There are five steps essential in guiding you towards achieving and realizing your goals. Achieving a goal can take longer and require more commitment than you realize or might imagine. Self-empowerment and motivation are great tools for you to […]

EFT and Law of attraction

We have discussed previously how our limiting beliefs and emotional blocks prevent the law of attraction from working. Getting these beliefs and blocks out of our system, however, is something that most of us get stuck with. If you are in a similar situation as well, you may find EFT useful. EFT or emotional freedom technique is a simple yet […]

Canine Best Friend & Therapist?

When I adopted Tito never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate he would become the type of dog that would be suited to support others in transitions, challenges and personal journeys. But slowly after he out grew his puppy, teenage and young adult stages and matured his true inner beauty and kind heart emerged. Now looking at my dogs […]

Lunar Phases and Beauty

We are inundated with images of beauty and seduction in all media outlets. In business we are told ‘sex sells’ –  if you can bring a sense of sensuality to your marketing of products and services you increase your chances of improving sales. On a personal and being the type of curious person I am, I’ve also delved into learning […]

Decoding the “Moon Diet”

A new year begins and like most people, I sit down and begin set personal goals for myself for the up coming year. Nutrition and overall wellness are always at the top of my list. Over a year ago I made the decision to replace the term ‘diet’ with the term “fuel plan” for the simple reason there is so […]

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